Македонски центар за меѓународна соработка - МЦМС

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MCIC, on several occasions, has used its campaigns for raising awareness of citizens and facilitating their support to the topic or theme of a specific campaign, during its 15 years of existence.

The first campaign which was implemented by MCIC is still one of the most famous ones. „Whole is when there is everything!“ (1999 and 2000). The campaign aimed to promote peace and human values. It communicated through simple messages pointing out to the values of life. Other campaigns followed: „I live here“ (2003); „Say Macedonia“ (2004); „Easter Campaign“ (2005 – continuation of Say Macedonia); „Say OK to MK“ (2005); „Next to Each Other – Different but Equal“ (2007) and „Both NATO and Macedonia“ (2008).

MCIC’ campaigns encompass not only media presentations but also centralized and decentralized campaigns. It enables easier access to the target groups, to which these messages from the campaigns are intended.

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